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Anya Ng Soccer Scholarship

Sponsored by: 

Anya Ng Sports Foundation

Background: Anya passed away in a tragic swimming accident when she was only 15 years old, and she left us a twofold legacy. First, Anya had a unique ability to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds; this she accomplished because she was genuinely interested in people and had the desire to hear their “story”. Anya’s opinion held great value because she had always told the truth and packaged it in the most respectful manner. Secondly, Anya was only 5'-3 1/2" and wasn't the most gifted athlete on her soccer team; however, her keen sense of the game, her determination and her grit allowed her to compete on an equal footing with much bigger and faster players. We want to keep Anya's memory alive by honoring Anya's legacy as well as giving back to the community through yearly soccer scholarships for young soccer players playing at the competition level. Anya loved her team, her club and the game of soccer.

Goals: To annually fund up to three scholarships for youth soccer U13, through U19 competition teams, and will cover the annual fees as well as uniform costs. Once a player receives a scholarship and stays with the team, these scholarships may be renewable to U19.

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