All Medal Ceremonies will take place at Willow Pond Park by the baseball fields 6059 Murray Pkwy Ave, Murray, UT 84123

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Winning Mindsets: Motivational Styles

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What does Michael Phelps the great Olympic swimming champion have in common with the skier Bode Miller and Soccer star Alex Morgan.  In this session we will explore how winning Mindsets characterize successful people.  We will identify how champions deal with adversity and utilize their greatest asset...their brain. How do you stay motivated, confident and tough when you need it most? Come and learn about the mental side of sport.


 Dan is a well published author with over 100 scientific articles on periodization of mental training, self-confidence and game preparation. His seminal research integrating technical training with psychological elements have become a standard for many professional teams.  Dano is a unique blend of coach/scientist who's clients include an extensive list of teams and players from the United States National Teams, NHL, NBA, MLS,  NCAA and Bundesliga.  Recognized as one the bright stars in performance psychology he is a highly sought after consultant in both the competitive worlds of business and sport.      © 2016  

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